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"I realized you have to be a mechanic to own these cars. You have to have the knowledge, the tools, the space, and the money. In that moment RND Garage was born"


RND makes classic cars available to everyone. Whether you dream of driving a classic Corvette through downtown KC, or a Dune Buggy through the Plaza, RND has you covered. Rent a muscle car for a day, a VW Camper Van for a weekend, or a classic Ford Bronco for a week, RND is Kansas City’s classic car rental source. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of driving classic and exotic vehicles without all the hassles and headaches of ownership.

RND is a Kansas City company that provides classic and exotic car rentals, restoration, and repairs. Our 130,000 square foot facility houses over 25 classic cars, 4 lifts, a bodyshop, tire stations, and everything needed to keep these cars running at top performance so you can just enjoy the drive.

Home Grown in Kansas City

Ryan Wager, founder of R&D Garage, had grown up dreaming about one day owning a 1958 Corvette. However, after achieving this “dream” he quickly realized that he was in way over his head. Between having absolutely no idea how to work on it, finding the right parts, figuring out how to install them, storing the vehicle, ultimately keeping the car on the road was proving to be nearly impossible. He found that the challenging and costly realities of ownership and the joy of driving these vehicles were two completely separate things. Ryan wanted to make the enjoyment of driving classic cars accessible to everyone but eliminate the hassles of ownership. RND was created to solve this problem.

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